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Peddling Through The Road of Cancer with Hope

Join us for "Peddling Through The Road of Cancer with Hope," a dynamic and impactful cyclethon cancer awareness event organized by CCA Hospital. This inspiring initiative aims to raise awareness about cancer, promote healthy lifestyles, and show support for cancer patients and survivors.

As participants pedal through scenic routes, they symbolize the journey of those affected by cancer, demonstrating resilience, determination, and hope. The event not only encourages physical fitness but also fosters a sense of unity, as individuals, families, and communities come together to make a difference.

Through this cyclethon, we aim to educate the public about cancer prevention, early detection, and the importance of regular screenings. It serves as a platform for sharing stories of hope and inspiration, honoring those who have battled cancer, and highlighting the advancements in cancer research and treatment.

By supporting "Peddling Through The Road of Cancer with Hope," you are not only contributing to a worthy cause but also spreading awareness and hope throughout our community. Together, let's pedal towards a cancer-free future and inspire others to join the fight against this disease.

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